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Wax Depilation Course

This course is:

  • Internationally Accredited
  • Recognised by Insurers
  • Recognised on the NFQ of Ireland
  • All you need to be a highly skilled beauty Specialist

At American Beauty we offer our students a Unique and unsurpassed training experience:

  • We train you in a professional atmosphere
  • All Our tutors are highly skilled therapists & knowledgeable Tutors (Tutors complete CPD training 4 times a year)
  • Small classes (4-6 per class)
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Extra tutor support (E-mail support & Phone support)
  • Continuous assessment – with 100% competency on completion
  • Free to repeat any classes if needed after completing full course*
  • 1 day per week option
  • Payment Plan available
  • Portfolio building & CV Design services.

Our Academy Uses:

  • Clean & Easy Spa Wax Systems (which include Warm wax-Roller wax, Hot wax-peel) and also Tube waxing and sugaring.

About this course:

Waxing is an advanced beauty therapy skill which is in demand in today's beauty salons. California, Hollywood & Las Vegas sounds like a tour of the west coast of America. These are not just famous places in the US; they are also the names of some of the most popular advanced wax treatments. Waxing is a specialised skill set to promote your salon career.

Beauty salons not only need to provide their clients with advanced waxing treatments, they have also opened their doors to men and are offering them specialised treatments too.

While experience & further training is a must before you can perform the advanced wax treatments, this waxing course will give you both the skills and a recognised certification upon which to build a career as a skilled wax therapist.

Course content:

Provide waxing services

  • Be able to prepare for waxing treatments
  • Remove hair using Warm & Hot waxing techniques
  • How and when each product is used
  • The positioning of the body
  • Client consultation
  • Aftercare
  • Contra indications
  • Understanding of the hair growth cycle and skin structure.
  • Promotion and Marketing strategies.
  • Code of Practice for intimate body waxing.
  • Be able to provide waxing treatments
    • Eyebrow wax
    • Underarm wax
    • Half leg wax
    • Bikini line wax
    • Full leg wax
    • Upper lip wax & Chin wax

Health & Safety in the salon

  • Hygiene methods
  • Fire safety
  • First aid
  • Emergency procedures

Client care in beauty related industries

  • Consultation techniques
  • Client preparation
  • Client aftercare advice & recommendations

Optional VTCT awarding body fees:
Includes: VTCT Lifetime Registration card, Course registration fee, Exam Fees, Assessment book, VTCT Badge
VTCT Certification is recognised in over 100 countries.

Course Fees: Please call for price details

Course kits: These are not needed but advised in order to help improve your practical skills by doing some work between classes.

Click on the frequently asked questions below for more information on Clean and Easy .

Why is waxing an effective and safe form of hair removal?

clean+easy® waxes are formulated with a blend of non-irritating waxes containing Beeswax and Pine Rosins. Waxing removes hair from the root underneath the skin, not just from the surface, so the hair follicle needs to go through another cycle of re-growth which takes up to 6 weeks, unlike shaving where hair can grow back in days.

What are the benefits of waxing?

Every time hair is pulled out with wax, a new papilla (the bulb on the bottom of the hair follicle) needs to form so hair takes longer to re-grow, additionally, consistently removing hair from the root causes papilla regeneration to weaken so hair will grow back softer and finer. Applying warm wax to the skin causes the pores to expand so hair is released painlessly with ease.

Can waxing cause bumps, ingrown hairs or irritation?

If waxing is performed using poor technique hairs can break off and cause irritation or ingrown hairs. clean+easy® offers a full line of Professional Treatment products to prepare the skin for waxing and soothe the skin post-wax, alleviating any type of discomfort or irritation. Also, try our pot wax in the sensitive skin formula or the roller wax refill in the tea tree Crème formula. The sensitive wax formula is made with Chamomile and Azulene which calms and soothes the skin to prevent redness and irritation while the tea tree Crème is infused with Tea Tree Oil known for its healing properties.

What are the benefits of using the roll-on waxing system?

Using clean+easy®’s patented roll-on system will save you time and money. Applying the wax is quicker, cleaner and more effective. Because the roller head deposits a pre-measured layer of wax onto the skin each time, it will save you the time of going back and forth with a spatula and dripping wax onto surfaces. Roll on waxing will save you time applying wax and cleaning up after waxing so you can fit in more clients into your schedule. Roll on waxing is also more hygienic as the wax is not exposed to airborne dust, hair and bacteria. Laboratory tests show that there is no cross contamination with roller heads and roll on waxing is completely safe and hygienic if proper sanitary measures are practiced.

Is roll-on waxing hygienic?

Yes, roll on waxing is completely hygienic if proper sanitary measures are practiced. Independent laboratory tests show that there is no cross contamination of waxes and our roller heads are inert to bacterial growth. As in all waxing procedures, sanitary precautions must be observed and in roll on waxing, using a fresh or sanitized roller head before each client maintains proper sanitation.

How is roll on waxing more economical?

There is virtually no clean-up necessary with roll on waxing and starting from application to cleaning up, roll on waxing takes about half the time regular pot waxing would. With this saved time, you can fit in more clients!

Is there anything that makes waxing less painful?

Yes, apply clean+easy® Numbing Antiseptic to the area prior to waxing. It is formulated with Benzocaine to desensitize the skin and make waxing less painful. Pulling the strip in one quick motion parallel to the skin and applying gentle pressure to the area with your fingertips also minimizes discomfort.