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What is my candidate lifetime registration number?

You can find your lifetime registration number on any certificate that you have been awarded and on your registration card. If you do not have either of these then you can contact customer service who will be happy to supply you with your registration number.

How do I go about getting a replacement certificate?

You will need to complete a VT16 Replacement certificate request form available from the Student's section of the VTCT Website. There is a charge for replacement certificates which can be paid for by cheque or postal order. All replacement certificates will be marked as 'Duplicate'.

I have changed my name, can I have a replacement certificate in my new name?

The regulatory authorities do not allow replacement certificates to be issued in new names even when due to marriage or divorce. If your name changes while you are undertaking a VTCT qualification, you must write to us stating your registration number, new name and request for the database to be amended.  You must also include a copy of the appropriate legal documentation to support your request (e.g. marriage certificate, deed-pole).  All certificates previously awarded will stay in your old name; any awarded in the future will display your new name.

Where can I do a particular course?

VTCT accredits centres to offer qualifications, but can not advise which centres are running particular courses at any time. To find this information go to the Approved Centres own website or contact them by phone or email. You will see a list of VTCT accredited centres for a given area on the VTCT Website which you can contact directly to find out which courses they are currently running and to obtain further details such as cost and duration.

How much will it cost to do a particular course?

VTCT accredits centres to offer our qualifications. To find information on course costs you would need to contact the accredited centre of your choice directly. VTCT charges a lifetime registration fee and a qualification fee which maybe included in your course costs.

I have moved, can I give you my new address?

VTCT does not hold details of candidates’ addresses. You will however need to notify your current college / centre of your change of address.

How long is the course that I want to study?

VTCT accredits centres to offer qualifications. To find information on duration of courses you would need to contact the accredited centre directly.

Is my qualification recognised abroad?

Contact the Embassy or High Commission of your intended destination country, as they will be able to advise you about the transferability of qualifications and any other evidence which may be needed to work and to gain insurance. More information on this subject can be found on page 5 of the Candidates Handbook.

What letters can I put after my name?

Once you have received your certificate, you can use the awarding body initials and the words “qualified in…” after your name if you so wish. For more information on this, go to page 4 of the Candidates Handbook.

Where can I obtain insurance?

For information on treatment insurance please click on the following link  

How can I order a badge?

You will need to complete a badge request form which can be found on the Student section of the VTCT website.

What badges am I entitled to?

This depends on the qualification you have gained. You will find the choices on the badge request form.

PayPal FAQ

PayPal Fees -when paying deposit, Purchase or Personal Transfer
3.4% + €0.35 EUR
when the money comes from a debit or credit card or PayPal Credit


Are the courses full time or part time?

We offer a choice of Full Time or Part Time (Evenings/Weekends) to suit each individuals needs.

Do I have to pay for the course up front?

If you can afford to pay in full upfront you will have the benefit of fantastic discounts and course vouchers.  However, if this does not suit your budget then we have an easy payment plan in place for the majority of our courses. The breakdown of this payment plan is on our price list which is accessible by e-mail. Please also be aware that there is an additional 2.5% charge for the use of Credit Cards.

How do I book onto a course?

You will find an application form on our Contact us Page and in the last page of our prospectus. You can download the application form from this website at any time. Send this with your 50% booking deposit to secure a place on a course. Please note that all booking deposits are non- refundable and non-transferable.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The use of a computer and printer is not an necessity but it is highly recommended on all courses as it makes the workload lighter for the student. Students will need paper and pens. Reflecting the high standard of training and success rate of our students, the course does require that the student be willing to practice at home but this of course would help build their skill base much faster.

What if I have already passed an exam previously?

This is known as Accredited Prior Learning: If you have passed an ITEC or CIBTAC module (or equivalent) you will not have to re-sit that exam again i.e. if you have completed Holistic Massage and have passed your exams in Unit 1 (A&P) and Unit 22 (Professional Conduct & Business Awareness) then when you join our other Courses you will not need to re-sit those modules and you can concentrate solely on studying and passing the remaining parts of the unit. (Practical & Theory).

Are Our Teacher Qualified as Teachers and are the experienced in their field

All our teacher hold recognised international teaching qualifications, and have a number of years working commercial in the industry. We hand pick our teachers based on their passion and experience. If you choose to train at American Beauty College we guarantee you the best education with some of the best teachers in Ireland.

We are here to answer all your questions, feel free to call us and discuss your career or course choice at any time.

Insurance FAQ

It is important as a student, and also when you go on to practise, that you have appropriate treatment liability insurance to cover you whilst working on clients. Vocasure is a wholly owned subsidiary of VTCT and acts as an introducer appointed representative for the company Bluefin Group. The following Frequently Asked Questions have been provided by Vocasure.

Why do I need insurance?

Despite your best intentions and commitment to professionalism accidents can happen and understandably the third party involved may pursue a claim against you. On the rare occasion when this occurs, having an effective, tailor-made insurance policy in place will provide you with complete peace of mind.

What type of policy do I need?

Whilst you are an enrolled student studying for a VTCT qualification and are practising the practical elements, either on-site or away from your centre (subject to prior agreement with your tutor), you need to consider arranging a Public Liability and Treatment Liability Insurance Policy.

This policy will provide cover for any claim made against you during this activity however accidental that negligence might be. In addition, as a result of you practicing your skills, you may accidentally cause bodily injury to the person on whom you are practicing.

How much can I be insured for?

The amount of cover provided is usually expressed as an "Indemnity Limit" and will be advised to you on application to insurance companies. You should check that the amount quoted includes legal costs and expenses.

Who am I insured to practice on?

As a student, a policy would normally be provided to enable you to practice on fellow students, family members, relatives and close friends. You would be expected not to be advertising for people to practice on nor to accept any payment for services, even "in-kind". Once you become qualified, you would need to contact your insurance company for advice on extending your policy.

Where am I covered?

A typical student policy would cover you at your home, another person's home or premises and whilst at your training centre.

Are there any exclusions?

All insurance policies will have some exclusions as an insurance company is not able to offer cover against all types of risk. Typical exclusions will be:-
1. Policy Excess - In the event of damage to your own business equipment (if insured) and/or another person's property you will not be insured for any claim below a certain value.

2. Geographical Limit - You will usually only be insured if you are resident and practising in the United Kingdom. This excludes the Republic of Ireland.

3. Therapy/Treatment - You will only be insured for those therapies and treatments that you have disclosed on your proposal and that have been accepted by the insurance company.